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Our mission is to make quality mental healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone.

The Problem

Finding The Right Therapist Can Be Incredibly Difficult

Finding the right therapist on your own can be daunting. Therapy consults are expensive, but it's incredibly hard to know which therapist is the right fit without meeting with them.

Our Solution

What We're Doing To Help

Here at Oasis, we've developed a matching process rooted in psychotherapy research and mental health data to simplify the therapist search process for you. Our community of mental health providers are also committed to offering free 15 min phone consultations to ensure fit.


About Oasis

We're a team of healthcare and data enthusiasts working together to build a new future for mental health

Our Founding Story

Our founders, Kevin and Siyu started Oasis after having seen the people close to them struggle through the therapy process. Some of Kevin's close friends and family dropped out of therapy due to poor fit with their therapists and ended up feeling worse than they did prior therapy. In hopes of making the therapy process better for future therapy seekers, our founders came together to develop a data driven & research-based matching process which has become the cornerstone of Oasis.

Why Are We Called Oasis?

The story behind our company name is rooted behind the official and slang definitons of the word Oasis. The official definition for Oasis is “a fertile spot in a desert where water is found" and we started Oasis because we know that navigating mental health can sometimes be just as hard as finding water in a desert. The slang definition of Oasis is "a place of comfort" and with especially everything that has happened recently around the world, we hope that our providers can be just that for our clients.


Our Leadership Team

Kevin Tran

Chief Executive Officer

Stanford BS & MS in Computer Science

Siyu Shi

Chief Operating Officer

Stanford MD & MBA

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